Single Family 1004 $350 - $500

Condominium 1073 $350 - $500

Multi Family 1025 $500 - $700

High Value ($2m+) $750+

Drive By / Exterior $200 - $300

FHA $75 - $125 additional

Final Compliance - $100 - $200

Desk / Review Services  - $75 - $200


Every appraisal report is carefully reviewed by a member of our internal review staff prior to final distribution. Our commitment to attention to detail ensures that we consistently produce appraisal reports of the highest quality. Every appraisal report stands alone; with all relevant facts regarding the subject and comparable properties presented clearly and concisely. Our goal is to provide you, the reader, with all the information necessary to make an educated evaluation of the market value and potential marketability of the subject property.

The Review Process

Response Time

In today’s competitive mortgage market, response and turnaround time is more critical than ever. We are organized and automated to maximize efficiency. First Fidelity Appraisal Services is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality appraisal reports often within 5 business days or less. Upon request, we will dedicate all necessary resources to respond to “RUSH” orders and deliver a completed appraisal report as soon as possible.

We Value You, our Client and New England Real Estate.