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Our Services

With a reputation for fulfilling the appraisal needs of our diverse customer base as quickly and accurately as possible, our knowledge of the marketplace combined with our dedicated service enables us to assist our customers in making the most informed and timely lending decisions possible.

Our Services Include:

Residential Appraisals for Mortgage Lenders

Construction Loans

Divorce & Litigation Support

Estate Planning or Liquidation

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Removal

Land Appraisals

FHA Appraisals
Commercial Appraisals

Review Appraisal Services

Probate, Trust and Bankruptcy Support

Expert Witness Testimony

Private Homeowners

Corporate Relocation Appraisals

Property Tax Challenges
Judge Gavel


Our team has decades of experience supporting clients through divorce proceedings. We appraise marital assets during discovery, offer testimony in court and during pre-trial conferences. We can provide present-day or retrospective values.



We support executors by providing them with a retrospective value for properties when settling an estate. 

Scary Mansion
Suburban House


Our services are broad in this area. We work to identify fair market value for our clients, which include 
banks and mortgage brokers, buyers and sellers and real estate brokers. 



We work with buyers and sellers to provide accurate appraisals for unique commercial properties.

Modern Building
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